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The UK Travel Room is my own bubble I escape to when life gets too much. Working from 9 to 5 (most likely till 9pm) isn’t easy so I created my own room – the travel room. Travel makes me happy and keeps me sane so I am writing to show every other person like me that IT IS possible to travel (on a budget) AND have a great career.

You just have to plan and know when and where to go to make the most out of it. Being super mega organised helps as well.

Mia - UK Travel Room

Hey you!!! This is me Rodica – UK Travel Room

My passion for travel began in 2005 with a tour of Italy I went on with my parents. Italy was mesmerizing and it determined me to one day be able to travel the world. Since then I’ve been to more than 28 cities in 12 countries (mostly Europe, I admit). But I am getting there one city at a time. Patience is a virtue so they say.

UK Travel Room in Barcelona

I made lots of friends

I am also very ambitious and want a career for which I worked more than I care to remember. From non-paid internships at the UN Information Centre, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Communication Department and NGOs to International PR agencies and Model of United Nations debates, I did it all with my own blood, sweat and tears.

UK Travel Room - Holi One Festival

Work hard play hard – At the Holi One Festival Manchester

I am also Romanian and moved to Manchester to finish my studies. Did my masters in International Public Relations and various internships at PR agencies and found what I then assumed it can only be my dream job. Two years later, still at the agency and still travelling to escape the routine, explore cultures and remind myself there is so much more to life than deadlines and budget meetings.

So I believe it was worth it and it is possible. There is a quote I like that says “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it” by George Bernard Shaw. The man knows what he is on about.

I have a lovely job, I travel the world, have great friends (travel bloggers and otherwise), I organise events for international business expats for Internations and still have time for a decent lifestyle.

If you want to know how I juggle a career and still explore the wonderful world that we live in follow me and send me an email, Tweet, Facebook message or a Plus One. I am everywhere and try to reply to everyone.

P.S: I tend to talk a lot.

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