My New Years Resolution – Mia is leaving the building….for good

On the 31st of January I will close all accounts under the name of Mia Pebleton. Mia Pebleton was born three years ago when I started blogging. She was...
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On the 31st of January I will close all accounts under the name of Mia Pebleton.

Mia Pebleton was born three years ago when I started blogging. She was born due to my uncertainties, fears and lack of confidence in myself and who I am.

But it’s time to move on and revert back to my real name. It is way overdue!

What are you on about??



Well, I started blogging three years ago when I went on a sabbatical from work. It was more of an imposed sabbatical but it turned out to be the best decision I made.

I am Romanian and at the time I needed a working visa for the UK. And I had to wait 8 months for it to arrive so was left with three choices:

  1. Go back to Romania till I get the visa
  2. Stay in the UK but don’t work
  3. Go freelance and travel my way back to Romania where I can spend a couple of weeks with my parents before going on the road again.

Yes, I took door number three aka the imposed sabbatical.

And it changed my life.
UK Travel Room in Barcelona

Barcelona – I made lots of friends

Got into so much trouble, met so many people and made friends for life. Not to mention I haven’t stopped travelling since (under different circumstances now that I have a full time job but I still go travelling once a month at least).

But I was scared to write about my travel stories on the blog and promote them under my name. The world is a scary place and I am one of the most panicked people you could ever know. Was young, had a major lack of confidence in my own abilities and feared the entire world will judge me not realising the only one doing it was me.

So what happened next?

When I moved to the UK, the perceptions of Romanians were negative to say they least and it continued to be like that for a couple of years. This led to a fear of being who I am and not telling anyone where I am really from.






I needed it at the time to prove that my nationality doesn’t matter and doesn’t impact what I can do. Write a blog or be a professional. A lot of people choose to write under a pseudonym and so did I.

But I feel I’ve outgrown Mia, and as much as I love her, she needs to make room for Rodica.

You might say I was hiding under a fake name, you might say it’s a bit ridiculous, and that’s fine. I did what I had to do at the time for me.

I have a lot of friends that know me only as Mia, and a lot of friends that know me as Rodica. Now it’s time to be just Rodica. A name doesn’t change much so I know for most it will make absolutely no difference. This is more a move for me.

This is something I’ve been struggling with for a while and it’s not a decision I made lightly.

It affects my friends, my blog, my connections, everything. This is also why I haven’t written on the blog in ages or haven’t been writing all that often either.

You closing the blog as well?

No, not really.

Realised I stopped writing for the love of travel and writing for my blogger friends, constantly worrying what they will think about my posts, was it good enough for them to accept me in the blogger circles and will I ever be a good blogger like them.

Instead of focusing on what really matters.

All of this killed my joy of writing and my love for travel blogging slowly.

But no more.

The decision to remove Mia Pebleton from all accounts and the internet will be a step towards new horizons both professionally and personally.

The blog will still be alive and kicking, hopefully with a bit more content now that I know what I want to do.


Twitter and Instagram will still be alive as they’re under UK Travel Room and not Mia.

Google+ and Facebook will be closed down on 31st January.

The G+ page and Facebook page are being transferred to my own personal accounts so they will keep going as well.

Have a happy New Year and see you on the other side.



Rodica M Lazar
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