Weekend Activities – Day Trip to Peak District

A cheeky day trip to Peak District on a budget for this bank holiday weekend. Enjoy a day of walking and great scenery even if you're low on cash....

The weekend is very much awaited for full time workers.

And if you’re like me and 90% of all other people that saved money for a lovely holiday, you’re probably thinking that it’s best to keep it low over the weekends and have a quiet one at home watching your favourite TV series. Which no one would blame you, if you do.

But fear not my fellow companions, there is a wonderful magical place where you can drive to and spend a day in the outdoors: Peak District.

Driving through Snake Pass

It is absolutely amazing that from Manchester it takes only about an hour to get to Peak District.

I am not a very outdoorsy person as is, climbing and cycling are not really my cup of tea, but I do appreciate nature’s beauty when I can and I do love a good challenge.

Bank Holiday Weekend - Peak District - UK Travel Room Blog

Multiple walking routes available to choose from

Driving through Snake Pass itself is gorgeous. Sat between Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton, the route is very popular for tourists and motorcycles.

If that tells you nothing it’s the A57 road between Manchester and Sheffield.

It’s called Snake Pass for a reason (actually, it got the name after the Snake Inn) so don’t make me lecture you about safe driving.

Once you’re high up enough there are some spots where you can park up and take a picture.

Unfortunately, you might drive through miles and miles of thick fog. We’re still in the North West so don’t be too picky.

The Derwent Dam

Bicycle hire is available at the tourist information centre which is by the large pay and display car park (about £5 for the day), as is a small café with delish flapjacks half covered in chocolate.

Bank Holiday Weekend - Peak District - Derwent Dam - UK Travel Room Blog

Derwent Dam

We only stopped for a cheeky panoramic picture but it’s definitely worth going past it. There are also walking routes available if you fancy staying there.

Ladybower Reservoir

En route to Ladybower Reservoir there’s the Yorkshire Bridge Inn that has bank holiday beer tents on Saturdays.

How, cool, is, that!

So of course we had a cheeky beer stop. You know, just to get the strength for the walk up the hill.

Bank Holiday Weekend - Peak District - Yorkshire Inn beer taster - UK Travel Room Blog

Locally brewed, awesomly tasting

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So park up, taste the beers and get ready for some serious walking.

There are a few walking routes along the reservoir which you can find here but we went along the Win Hill route, by chance don’t worry, we’re not that experience in walking routes.

It took around 2 hours to go up to the top and back down but that’s including 10 minute stops every 20 minutes for pictures and to just sit back and take in the scenery. Here are some pics


Bank Holiday Weekend - Ladybower Reservoir 2 - UK Travel Room Blog

Ladybower Reservoir panoramic photo

Edit: The above pic is a bit crap so I went back there this year (August, 2016) and took a proper 360 picture. Which obviously only works on Facebook. So  here it is


Bank Holiday Weekend - Peak District - I made it to the top - UK Travel Room Blog

1 hour and multiple bitching sessions later I made it to the top. Very proud


Go on, have an award winning steak & ale pie

And we did. Because, you know, we earned it. Honestly tho, the pie at the Snake Pass Inn was probably one of the most delish pies I have ever had.

Bank Holiday Weekend - Peak District - Snake Pass Inn Pie - UK Travel Room Blog

Best. Pie. Ever.

[Tweet “The Snake Pass Inn has one of the most delish pies ever #foodie”]

Sorry Pie & Ale, theirs was award winning!

Award winning and quite cheap as well: £9.75 for the Steak & Ale pie and £3.50 for a pint of locally brewed Moonshine beer. Awesome!

Go and have a day trip this bank holiday weekend in Peak District

You don’t really need that much money to have a wonderful bank holiday weekend in the UK.

Especially in the North West where everyone thinks it’s just too grim outside to enjoy anything.

A day trip is always enjoyable for the entire family, couples or a group of friends. And if you’re really still finding excuses it only costs you gas money, beer money and you can even pack a picnic so no need to spend on pub grub.

As Nike so finely put it: JUST DO IT!


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